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Chaostikhan (ときおう Toki no Maō?, "Demon King of Time") is the main antagonist and final boss of Parasol Stars. He is an immensely powerful monster who escaped from the Cave of Monsters long before the events of Parasol Stars, returning many years later to break the seal on the cave.



In his first form, which is referred to as Black Maita (ぶらっくまいた Burakku Maita?), Chaostikhan appears as a black-robed Maita, bearing glowing yellow eyes and wielding a scepter.

Chaostikhan's true appearance is that of a six-armed monster with orangish-brown fur. He has four eyes and four yellow horns, and wears a sash with a blue insignia in the center. Chaostikhan also has six wings, resembling those of an insect, and two feet with two sharp talons on each one.


Chaostikhan is said to possess immense magical power, enough to break the ages-old seal placed on the Cave of Monsters. In his first form, Chaostikhan is able to conjure a wave of small boulders, while in his true form, he rains meteors down on the player, and is additionally able to summon other monsters to aid him.



Long before the events of Parasol Stars, a legendary warrior battled his way through the Cave of Monsters, intent on sealing the monsters inside forever. Chaostikhan managed to escape the Cave before the warrior sealed the monsters inside, and over the years, his power grew strong enough to break the seal, unleashing the monsters on Rainbow Star and several surrounding planets.

Parasol Stars[]

Chaostikhan appears as the main antagonist of Parasol Stars. After he unleashes the monsters to wreak havoc on the different planets around Rainbow Star, Bubby and Bobby set out to stop him, equipped with their Magic Parasols (gifts from the villagers of the Rainbow Islands, given as thanks for defeating the Boss of Shadow). After defeating the monsters on each of the different worlds, the two return to Rainbow Star, making their way to Chaostikhan's lair in the Underworld.

Chaostikhan acts as the game's final boss, initially appearing as a Maita clad in black robes. The player is given a Drug of Star to use to defeat him, and after taking enough damage, he reveals his true form and begins raining down meteors on the player. After being defeated, Chaostikhan drops a large magic wand, which Bubby and Bobby use to free the world from the monsters.