Bubble Bobble Wiki

Puzzle Bobble Plus! (Bust-A-Move Plus! in North America) is a video game developed by Taito for WiiWare. It is the latest entry in the Puzzle Bobble series. It was first released in Japan on April 7, 2009, and later in the PAL regions on June 26, 2009 and in North America on July 6, 2009.

There are also two additional downloadable add-ons for 200 Wii Points each.


In each stage, players aim the cannon (helmed by Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble) at the bottom of the screen, using it to shoot differently colored bubbles at a hanging arrangement of bubbles at the top of the screen in order to make them disappear within a time limit. Players must match three bubbles of the same color in order to get rid of them, with each stage being completed when all the bubbles have been cleared.

The game also features a battle mode that pits players against another opponent. Additional stages from previous games are also available as paid downloadable content.