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Bubble Star (バブルスター Baburu Sutā?) is the ninth world in Parasol Stars. It is themed after Bubble Bobble, and features a number of enemies from the original game. It is only accessible if the player has collected three Star Mystery Crests before defeating the Boss of Shadow in the previous level, Rainbow Star.


Bubble Star takes place in a location filled with giant bubbles that float in the night sky. The background of the world features numerous green hills with waterfalls flowing down their sides, as well as a number of trees and houses. Arced bridges of bubbles lay across the waterfalls.

Bubble Star's exact nature as a location is unspecified; while it shares the same naming scheme as the rest of the planet-based levels in the game, the player is not seen traveling to it like the others, instead, after defeating the Boss of Shadow, the screen goes black and the player is shown a spread of green and blue bubbles before arriving in the level. Whether it is intended to be a wholly separate planet or realm or if it is simply meant to take place on a different part of Rainbow Star is unknown.