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Bubble Memories (バブルメモリーズ Baburu Memorīzu?), subtitled The Story of Bubble Bobble III, is an Taito game released for arcades in February 1996. It is the third arcade title to feature the traditional Bubble Bobble gameplay, following Bubble Symphony.


Bubble Memories' gameplay is similar to that of Bubble Bobble's, with the player's goal being to clear stages by defeating all enemies in the level. The player's primary offensive ability is using bubbles, with which they can trap enemies inside and defeat them by popping them with their character's spines. They are also able to jump atop bubbles in order to reach normally unaccessable areas Unlike previous games, the player is now able to use the Giant Bubble ability by holding the attack button down, which will cause their character to charge up and release a massive bubble that can ensnare multiple enemies at once. Bubble Memories also introduces giant-sized enemies that are not effected by normal-sized bubbles, meaning the player must use the Giant Bubble or another method in order to defeat them. Defeated enemies will turn into food items that the player can collect for points. Special items periodically appear throughout the stages, and have a variety of effects, some of which include triggering an event that may defeat all enemies in the stage automatically. Special Bubbles with different offensive effects also appear, with the traditional Thunder, Water, and Fire Bubbles appearing alongside the Wind, Rainbow, and Melody Bubbles that appeared previously in Bubble Symphony.

The game's stages are broken up into groups of ten, with every tenth level featuring a boss fight in which the player is given a Drug that allows them to blow Special Bubbles in order to damage the boss. After defeating a boss, a massive treasure chest will fall down from above. If the player has either not used a continue or collected the respective Potion Panel of the current set of levels, one of the seven pieces of the Rainbow Potion will emerge, which the player must collect to obtain the true ending of the game. If these conditions are not met, the Potion will be replaced by a giant diamond, and the player will be unable to progress past Round 70. Potion Panels appear hidden in the fifth round in each set of ten (excluding Round 75), indicated by the presence of two monsters seen carrying it before the start of the round. The player must navigate the level's terrain, with the panel appearing once they have walked over the correct area. Clearing Round 70 without all seven Potions shows the player a bad ending, in which Bub and Bob make an incomplete Rainbow Potion that transforms them into monsters.

Like Bubble Bobble, Bubble Memories features a "Super Mode" which features a second, more difficult set of levels to play through. The narrative of the game is structured with the events of a normal playthrough chronologically preceding the events of Super Mode, with the latter taking place in a different location and having different cutscenes. The input to allow the player to select Super Mode is given after defeating the final boss in Normal Mode and collecting the scroll he drops. Clearing Super Mode with all seven Potions reveals the true ending of the game, and the final boss gains a second form that is not encountered in Normal Mode.


Bubble Memories takes place some time after the events of Rainbow Islands, with Bubby and Bobby living peaceful lives on Rainbow Island. The two boys are relaxing in the woods near their hometown, when suddenly, a bolt of magical lightning strikes the two, transforming them into Bubble Dragons. Shocked, the two rush towards the Rainbow Tower, which contains a magical elixir known as the Rainbow Potion that is able to turn those transformed into Bubble Dragons back into human form. However, as they reach the tower, the two are confronted Master of Darkness, an enemy they had long thought defeated. The reincarnated Master of Darkness, now calling himself the Super Dark Great Dragon, was responsible for transforming the brothers into Bubble Dragons, and has stolen the Rainbow Potion, splitting it up into seven pieces and scattering the resulting potions across the floors of the Rainbow Tower. Determined to return to human form, Bub and Bob proceed to set out to climb the Rainbow Tower and re-form the Rainbow Potion, having to avoid the tower's traps and the monsters within.

Eventually, Bub and Bob manage to make their way to the eightieth floor of the tower, confronting the Super Dark Great Dragon. The two manage to defeat him in battle, though the villain retreats, stealing the seven potions from them and using his magic to raise an island from the sea, at the center of which is the Tower of Darkness. Using their Magic Parasols, Bub and Bob descend from the top of the tower, but as they reach the ground, they realize that the rest of the villagers, including their parents, have been transformed into Bubble Dragons as well thanks to the Super Dark Great Dragon's magic. Reading a letter left by the Super Dark Great Dragon, complimenting their skill, challenging them to a duel in the Tower of Darkness, stating he will take the magic potions if they lose, trapping them in Bubble Dragon form. The brothers set out once more to climb the Tower of Darkness, intent on stopping the Super Dark Great Dragon for good this time.

As the brothers finally make their way to the top of the Tower of Darkness, having re-claimed the pieces of the Rainbow Potion along the way, they once more come to a confrontation with the Super Dark Great Dragon. As the battle rages on, the Super Dark Great Dragon changes form, turning into the Super Mecha Skel-Monsta. Bub and Bob are eventually able to emerge victorious, vanquishing the Master of Darkness once again. The two bring the seven potions together, re-forming the Rainbow Potion, which they use to turn themselves and the villagers back into human form. After descending the tower, the villagers all celebrate, happy to be back to normal.


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