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Bubble Memories (バブルメモリーズ Baburu Memorīzu?) is a video game by Taito released to arcades in February 1996. It is the sequel to Bubble Symphony and is the fifth Bubble Bobble game (although it is listed as being the third). Unlike Bubble Symphony, this game stars only two dragons, Bub and Bob, like the original Bubble Bobble. It was released in 2007 for PlayStation 2 in Japan only as part of the Taito Memories II Volume 1 compilation.


One day the twins, Bubby and Bobby, intermarried with Bub and Bob, playing together to the tower where they live, are transformed into dragons bubble shooter by the evil Super Dark Great Dragon that takes possession of the tower. The twins must climb the 80 floors of the tower to take seven colorful potions, free her from his clutches and regain their human forms.


Bub and Bob are once again transformed into bubble dragons and have to climb up the Rainbow Tower to fight the Super Dark Great Dragon, while collecting potions to turn back into human form.

Bubble Memories does very little to change the gameplay of the series, except for introducing giant enemies on some levels, different bosses, and a way to blow giant bubbles after charging up (especially for killing the giant enemies). Giant bubbles can be blown by charging up the character,[5] the bubble button is held until the character's horns begin flashing and then releasing the button. There are a total of 80 levels, while the last 10 levels can only be accessed by collecting 7 potions.


As previously mentioned, Bub and bob can shoot giant bubbles by holding the bubble button. Large bubbles only have green and blue palates.

  • Blue or green
  • Clear
  • Red
  • Fire
  • Flowing water
  • Lightning bolt
  • Music note
  • Rainbow


There are two more enemies that have no name, Sheep-like ghost, and Flying, Maita-like, Orange-Robed enemy that can shoot waves in three ways.



Bad ending 1 (No potion)[]

Unfortunately, Bubby & Bobby have been unable to return to human form...

Bad ending 2 (Potions Uncompleted)[]

As the 7 potions didn't become complete, they became "MONSTERS".

Good ending (Normal Mode)[]

Mama Papa Badend.png


Has everyone been turned into dragons?


You have done very well. You have shown your mettle well. But perhaps you would do well to remember that it was with my power that the villagers of Rainbow Island have been transformed into dragons. If you have the courage, I will grant you the opportunity to fight a duel in the Tower of Darkness. Just remember that I will take the 7 Magic Potions from you if you lose.

The Key of Super Mode[]

Write 8 big words on a paper. This is a key of Super Mode. Hints of this words...

Input this words as title, as...

Left Start Bubble Jump Up Down Start Right

Good luck!

Good ending (Super Mode)[]

Mama Papa Goodend.png

We did it!

We're back to our old selves again!

History repeats itself...


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Special Items[]

  • Pink Candy
  • Blue Candy
  • Orange Candy
  • Shoes
  • Clock
  • Dynamite
  • Orange Balloon
  • Pink Balloon
  • Red Holy Water
  • Orange Holy Water
  • Yellow Holy Water
  • Green Holy Water
  • Blue Holy Water
  • Chack'n Heart
  • Crystal Ring
  • Amethyst Ring
  • Ruby Ring
  • Cross of Thunder
  • Cross of Water
  • Cross of Fire
  • Cross of Wind
  • Cross of Rainbow
  • Cross of Melody
  • Star Tiara
  • Moon Tiara
  • Book of Death
  • Blue Lamp
  • Red Lamp
  • Magic Necklace
  • Fire Necklace
  • White Magic Cane
  • Brown Magic Cane
  • Orange Magic Cane
  • Red Magic Cane
  • Blue Magic Cane
  • Purple Magic Cane
  • White Scepter
  • Brown Scepter
  • Orange Scepter
  • Red Scepter
  • Blue Scepter
  • Purple Scepter
  • Red Treasure Chest
  • Orange Treasure Chest
  • Yellow Treasure Chest
  • Green Treasure Chest
  • Blue Treasure Chest
  • Indigo Treasure Chest
  • Purple Treasure Chest
  • Bell
  • Crystal Ball
  • Gold Skull
  • Silver Skull
  • Special Bubble
  • Bubble Egg
  • Red Potion Panel
  • Orange Potion Panel
  • Yellow Potion Panel
  • Green Potion Panel
  • Blue Potion Panel
  • Indigo Potion Panel
  • Purple Potion Panel
  • Red Potion
  • Orange Potion
  • Yellow Potion
  • Green Potion
  • Blue Potion
  • Indigo Potion
  • Purple Potion
  • Silver Door
  • Gold Door
  • Thunder Tonic
  • Water Tonic
  • Fire Tonic
  • Wind Tonic
  • Rainbow Tonic
  • Melody Tonic
  • Bub (item)


  • The game forbids the initials 'SEX' on the high score table. If you try, it gets changed to 'AAA'.
  • In Bad Ending 2, the monsters that Bub and Bob turn into change depending on the place that they are standing at the last moment.