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Bubble Dragons (バブルドラゴン Baburu Doragon?) are a species appearing in the Bubble Bobble series, and are named for their trademark ability to blow bubbles from their mouths. Many prominent characters in the Bubble Bobble games are Bubble Dragons, most notably Bub and Bob, the two protagonists of the series. In many games, Bubble Dragons are stated to be humans transformed by a curse.


Bubble Dragons all come from different sizes. They have red or pink arms and feet, white stomach areas on their stomach, and could have single visible tooth in the upper middle part on the top their mouths. They could all come in different colors such as range to blue or green.


Bub and Bob, the two main Bubble Dragons featured in the Bubble Bobble series.


  • In Japanese, most Bubble Dragons have the suffix "-lun" at the end of their names, or some variation of it, a trait which was mostly dropped in the English versions of the games.
  • In early Japanese material related to Bubble Bobble, Bubble Dragons were known as Bubble-Blowing Dragons (泡はきドラゴン Awahaki Doragon?), though this was usually translated as "Bubble Dragon" in the English text within the games.