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Bubble Bobble for Kakao (보글보글 for Kakao Bogeul Bogeul for Kakao?) is a mobile game released exclusively in Japan and Korea at an unknown date. The game requires a Kakao account to play and adds various social network features to the game. The game's service ended on March 15, 2019.


The gameplay of Bubble Bobble for Kakao resembles conventional gameplay from previous entries in the series, adapted to a mobile format. The game carries over many features from Bust-A-Move Islands, such as the world map and the overall visual design. It also features various other characters, "pets" (creatures that help clear levels), and other additional items in the form of in-app purchases.


The plot of Bubble Bobble for Kakao centers around Super Drunk, who has kidnapped the Bubble Princess, leaving the Bubble Prince to request the other characters try and help her.

Season 2[]


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A presumably later revision of the game, called Bubble Bobble Kakao: Season 2, was released in 2015.