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Bubble Bobble Revolution, known as Bubble Bobble DS (バブルボブルディーエス Baburu Boburu Dī Esu?) in Japan, is a Bubble Bobble game for the Nintendo DS. It was developed by Dreams and released by Taito in 2005. It was published by Rising Star Games in Europe and Codemasters in North America. The game contains two modes: "New Age", which is a wholly original set of levels featuring new graphics and gameplay, and "Classic", which is a port of the original Bubble Bobble.

The North American version of Bubble Bobble Revolution is somewhat infamous for a glitch that renders most of the game unplayable. In all North American copies of the game, no boss was present at Round 30, preventing the player from moving forward. This led to large backlash from customers and critics; Codemasters pulled the game off American shelves as a result, responding by offering to fix the bug for any customers who mailed their cartridge in, along with offering a free copy of Rainbow Islands Revolution to those who purchased it. This bug was not present in the European and Japanese versions of the game.


Playable characters[]