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Bubble Bobble Double (バブルボブル ダブル Baburu Boburu Daburu?) is a game developed by Lancarse for iOS. Although it is part of the main Bubble Bobble series, it plays quite differently. Bub sits in the middle of the stage, and the player must tap on the enemies approaching him to defeat them. A port of the original arcade game is also included.


In Bubble Bobble Double, Bub sits in the middle of the stage. Multiple enemies come at him, and the player much touch them to encase them in a bubble. If the player pops a bubble nearby other enemies, it will cause a chain reaction and defeat the rest of the enemies.


A mysterious shadow appears over Rainbow Star and sends Bub and Bob to a mysterious dimension. The two must figure out a way to return to their own world. Bub and Bob must fight the enemies in this strange world to find the evil being that trapped them. At the end, it is revealed to be Mecha Develon that trapped them. Defeating him, Bub notices Bob has gone missing, but what Bub doesn't know is that Bob had been searching for an exit in the heat of battle, and the two escape back to their own world.


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