Bubble Bobble Wiki

Bubble Bobble: Old & New (バブルボブルOLDオールドアンドNEWニュー Baburu Boburu Ōrudo ando Nyū?) is a game released on the Game Boy Advance. It includes the original Bubble Bobble and a remade version with different graphics and sounds (including voices for Bub and Bob.)


The gameplay is the same as the original Bubble Bobble. Due to the lower resolution of the Game Boy Advance, each level scrolls vertically as the player character moves, although the player has the option to scale the level to fit the screen. In single-player mode after beating the game once, it is possible to activate the 2-player mode with the CPU controlled Bob as the second player in order to get a better ending.

New to the gameplay is saved data. This allows the player being able to skip levels up to the furthest level they reached. There is also an Item Library which keeps track of all types of collectible items you can get in the game. There are also three types of special statues which act as achievements. The bronze statue is obtained by finishing the game, the silver statue is obtained by getting the true ending and the gold statue is obtained by getting all items in the item library.