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Bub's House is a recurring location in the Bubble Bobble series. It is the home of Bub, Bob, and their parents, and is located in Rainbow Village on Rainbow Island. Peb and Pab's house is said to be located nearby it.


The appearance of Bub's house differs vastly between every appearance it has currently made. Despite it being stated that the house in is Rainbow Village, the village itself has never been visually depicted alongside the house when it appears.

In Puzzle Bobble, Bub and Bob are shown to live in a log cabin on a hill.

Puzzle Bobble 4 shows the inside of Bub's bedroom. A number of potted plants are shown on nearby shelves, and a dreamcatcher is hung on the wall. One of the room's walls has a window with a shelf under it.

A different house belonging to Bub and Bob appears in Super Puzzle Bobble, being located on Pao Pao Island. This house is a hut resembling a mushroom with a reddish-purple roof decorated with yellow spots.

Pop'n Pop also depicts the duo's home as a log cabin, this time sporting a red roof and a brick chimney.

Bust-A-Move Bash! depicts Bub and Bob's house as a large multi-story house with a blue roof and cream-colored siding. The house has a white picket fence around it, and a long brick path in front of it.

In Bust-A-Move for iOS, Bub's house is depicted as being made from a massive tree stump. It has a number of still-living branches growing off of it, as well as a marking atop the front door that resembles the silhouette of Bub's head and a large chimney-like protrusion at the top.

Bubble Bobble Double depicts the house as a teal dome-shaped building with a chimney at the top, as well as having a circular window near the front door.


Puzzle Bobble[]

Bub and Bob's house appears in the ending of the arcade version of Puzzle Bobble, showing Bub and Bob returning home after defeating a number of enemies. Bob pushes the Arrow machine back to the house, and the two fall asleep under a pile of hay before the credits role, showing the house's exterior.

Puzzle Bobble 4[]

Bub's bedroom is shown in the opening of his Story Puzzle campaign in the console version of Puzzle Bobble 4. Late at night, Cronoa appears in his room, asking for his help in restoring the arcana.

Super Puzzle Bobble[]

A different house belonging to Bub and Bob appears on Pao Pao Island in Super Puzzle Bobble. It shows up in the intro to the game's Player vs. Computer mode, where Bub and Bob are shown relaxing outside the house before Chack'n appears to request their help in stopping the Time Eaters from devouring the Tree of Time.

Pop'n Pop[]

Bub and Bob's house shows up in the intro to Bub, Bob, Bubby, and Bobby's story modes, showing the brothers setting off alongside their Monsta companions from their home to save Pop'n World.

Bust-A-Move Bash![]

Bub and Bob's house appears in the clear screen for Area 1 of Bust-A-Move Bash!, showing Bub running off from it with Bob struggling to keep up with him.

Bust-A-Move (iOS)[]

Bub's house features prominently in Bust-A-Move for iOS, appearing on the game's title screen and as the stage select screen of the game. In the game's story, Chack'n and his family are visiting Bub, when his family members accidentally touch the Magic Domes Bub has on display, getting sucked inside, causing the two friends to have to enter the domes in order to rescue them.

Bubble Bobble Double[]

Bub and Bob's house appears in the intro to Bubble Bobble Double, showing Bub napping under a nearby tree while Bob chases a butterfly in front of the house before Mecha Develon shows up.