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Bub's Broadcast, known as Bubblun Channel (バブルンちゃんねる Baburun Chaneru?) in Japanese, is a YouTube channel run by Taito dedicated to the Bubble Bobble series. It features trailers for upcoming games, information about the series, numerous videos starring Bub as a costumed mascot character doing various activities, as well as videos starring Bub as a virtual YouTuber.

Frequent video series featured on the channel include Bubble'n Radio (バブルンラジオ Baburun Rajio?), a series where Bub answers viewer-submitted questions, Bub Braves (バブルンチャレンジ Baburun Charenji?, "Bubblun Challenge"), live action videos where Bub visits real-life locations as a mascot character, and Bub Interviews: Game Developers! (バブルンの教えて!ゲームクリエイター! Baburun no Oshiete! Gēmu Kurietā!?, "Bubblun's Tell Me! Game Creators!"), where Bub interviews Taito development staff who work on the Bubble Bobble series about their jobs.

The voice used for Bub in the videos on the channel is made via a speech synthesizer based off of samples provided by voice actress Etsuko Kozakura, who also voices Bub in Puzzle Bobble Everybubble!.


Payonpah! It's Bub, everyone's favorite bubble dragon! When I'm blowing bubbles, I'm blowing on Youtube! Don't forget to subscribe!


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