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Bramb (ブラム Buramu?) is a character appearing in Puzzle Bobble 4. He is a mad sorcerer hailing from the planet Marzuk.



Bramb is a light green slug-like alien with large ears, visible nostrils, and two blue eyes on stalks attached to his head. He is clad in a white robe with red triangular lining on the upper sleeves and shoulder area. He wears a pendant with a blue jewel embedded in the center around his neck. Bramb does not appear to possess arms or hands, as one of his attack animations appears to depict him extending a arm constructed of purple magical flames in lieu of a real appendage. However, some of his animations his sleeves are shown moving as though he has appendages underneath them, making the specifics of his anatomy unknown.


Bramb is an eccentric sorcerer with an inquisitive mind who is devoted to his studies of magic, having spent years attempting to create the ultimate magic through his research. He is not above threatening his opponents, and is willing to engage in combat if they get in the way of his plans. He desires to use his magical abilities to gain ultimate power, with this serving as the ultimate goal of his research into magic.


Bramb is an adept magic user, and it most frequently seen manipulating purple flames as part of his techiques. Bramb is also able to conjure purple lightning with his abilities, and when casting spells, he is occasionally seen surrounded with a flaming blue aura. One of his offensive techniques is known as Bubble Storm (バブルストーム Baburu Sutōmu?), which is represented in gameplay by dropping a number of bubbles onto the opponent's game field.