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The Book of Bubble (ブック・オブ・バブル Bukku obu Baburu?) is an artifact appearing in the console version of Puzzle Bobble. It is a tome kept in Rainbow Village that holds the secrets of Bubble Magic.


The Book of Bubble is a large book with a dark blue cover featuring a prominent yellow star in the center. Above the star is text written in an unknown language, and on its spine, the book is adorned with gold detailing. The Book of Bubble itself appears to be much larger than a normal book, appearing at its smallest slightly larger than Bub and Bob themselves.

The book contains knowledge pertaining to a of a type of magic known as Bubble Magic (バブルのほう Baburu no Mahō?). The specifics of Bubble Magic are not thoroughly explained, though it is known that one use of it manifests in the form of being able to surround oneself in mysterious bubbles.


Puzzle Bobble[]

BAM Congratulations

Bub and Bob reclaiming the Book of Bubble from Super Drunk's treasure horde

In the console version of Puzzle Bobble, the Book of Bubble serves as the driving force behind the game's plot. In the game's story, the book goes missing from the village, leading all the villagers to frantically search for it to no avail. Soon afterwards, many monsters began attacking the village, each of them surrounded in mysterious bubbles. Figuring that the book was being misused by whoever was responsible for the theft, Bubby and Bobby change into their Bubble Dragon forms and embark on an adventure to recover the book.

Eventually, Bub and Bob manage to track down the book and confront Super Drunk, who is revealed to be the culprit behind the theft. After defeating Super Drunk, the two reclaim the Book of Bubble and make their way back to the village, returning it to its rightful place.


  • The Japanese strategy guide for Puzzle Bobble 2 features a section recounting the story of the original Puzzle Bobble, though in this instance, the Book of Bubble is instead referred to as the Book of Puzzle (ブック・オブ・パズル Bukku obu Pazuru?).