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Birugan (びるがん Birugan?) is a character that appears in Bust-A-Move 2. He bears a strong resemblance to Kligan, a boss from Bubble Memories.


Bust-A-Move 2[]

Birugan is the seventh opponent encountered in the Player vs. Computer mode of Bust-A-Move 2. He is fought on Enemy Mountain. Before the match, Birugan startles Bub by crashing into the ground.

Other appearances[]

Pop'n Pop[]

Birugan appears as a boss in Pop'n Pop.

Bubblen Roulette[]

Birugan makes an appearance in the Bubble Bobble-themed medal game Bubblen Roulette.


Birugan's name comes from the Japanese words biru (ビル?), an abbreviated version of the English word "building", and gan (がん?), meaning "rock".