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The Bubble Launcher in Puzzle Bobble

The bubble Launcher is the machine that Bub and Bob had been using since the game Bust-a-Move to shoot bubbles and create matches of 3 bubbles. One operator turns the gear to aim the machine's launcher and the other loads the machine with the next colored bubble from the sack.


Throughout the series the Bubble Launcher has changed, taking on different designs and appearances, but functioning the same:

  • In Puzzle Bobble 2, the Bubble Launcher is changed so that only one operator is required. There are four different materials for the Bubble Launcher including Wood, Rusted Metal, Ice and Steel. There is also a mechanized Bubble Cannon used by Mechanical Prototype Bub.
  • In Super Puzzle Bobble, the Bubble Launcher works by itself without an operator needed to work it.
  • In Super Bust-A-Move, the Bubble Launcher is much larger and requires two operators.
  • In Bust-A-Move Bash!, the Bubble Launcher takes a futuristic design with only one operator required.
  • In Bust-A-Move Plus!, the Bubble Launcher uses a complex of gears.
  • In Space Bust-A-Move, there are a number of different Bubble Launcher designs, that the player can purchase from the shop and they all work independent of an operator.